A New Start

So what is Amusement Radio? Back in the day it was a thriving online radio station to the amusement industry. Podcasts, talk shows, call ins… Amusement Radio was a pioneer connecting theme-park junkies to the info they craved. Unfortunately life happens and the operators had to divert time to other priorities.

What is happening today? The operators have lots of cool technology sitting around unused and has the itch to get broadcasting again! So we are slowly starting to review options on what we want to do, and maybe keep a few folks entertained.

On this page you should see a HTML5 player able to play audio from our testing studio. No telling what you may hear…just random music more or less. We have a feeling we may be in testing for a while.

From a technology standpoint, we have always live streamed and always will. What does that mean? Alot of online radio stations will load up a computer in the internet will a bunch of media and let the computer auto-DJ. That’s not how we operate. 24/7/365 our computers are streaming media to our servers so it is truely live. No gimmicks, or shortcuts. We are here.